Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sixth: Michigan St. to Pennsylvania St.

My weekly exploration of Sixth St moving gradually north. This block has a laundromat, an herbalist, two businesses handling legal documents for Spanish speakers, another bus line to Mexico, an internet cafe and computer store, a coffee shop and the usual tire shop (one in every block so far).

The shops are right up against the sidewalk so as you walk by the beauty shop you see someone getting their hair done just the other side of the window. Or the barber standing in the barber shop door way, camera shy but enjoying the evening - next door to the cyber cafe where the teenager visible in the open door is totally focused on a computer screen. A sense of a kind of shared space, a neighborhood intimacy. Something I noticed in Barrio Historico too, where the houses also are right up against the sidewalk. In the Barrio photo a few days ago, I think the cutout man with his back to the sidewalk is sort of a play on that too.

And grafitti, part of the neighborhood too, for good or bad.


Blogger Lavender Lady said...

It's a beautiful shrine to Our Lady. I really enjoy your commentary, especially the "middle age invisible woman" posted earlier this week. I must identify.

7:33 AM  
Blogger Louz said...

On the other hand, taking photographs in public I think it makes me less worrisome to people, more harmless. If it makes me fade into the sceenery at bit, that's a good thing for photography. For the rest, well an older Greek man, who is a friend, told me recently its more important that a woman have mystery. So I guess I'll cultivate my mysterious aspects.

11:00 AM  

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