Friday, December 15, 2006

Two From The Chapel of the Sun

Top photo inside the DeGrazia chapel - I just liked the tenderness of the father and child together among the angels on the wall - and above, the chapel from the outside. The paper bags on top of the walls are luminarias, a Christmas tradition I first encountered when I lived in Albuquerque. At the simplest, a luminaria is just a paper bag with a candle stuck in sand inside. When the candles are lit inside the bags, the effect is rather lovely at night.

See Dec. 16, Minneapolis Daily Photo for a terrific photo of luminarias at night.


Blogger Ryan of OC Photos said...

Nice catch of the father and son.

10:39 PM  
Blogger Jing said...

both are wonderful photos!!
first one, so cosy!!
second one,exotic~~~

have a nice weekend.


8:16 AM  
Blogger Meg in Nelson said...

Lovely. Did you follow the father-and-baby in?

12:49 PM  
Blogger Lavender Lady said...

Very, very nice. Beautiful capture.

12:59 AM  
Blogger Louz said...

I have been known to discretely stalk somebody for a photo but in this case I just turned around and they were there.

This is the second time I've taken photos of the chapel and it was interesting to find new aspects of it, such as the basic senuality of the outside, like a tree root. Some tree roots have a wonderful organic beauty to me and this chapel does too.

12:59 AM  

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