Thursday, October 19, 2006

Urban Canyon

Wandering through downtown with a camera, an evening of magical light. In nature a tree is a tree, a rock a rock, a canyon a canyon. Cities are full unexplained things. Old cars in alleys behind razor wire. Stairs leading up to black doors. A man playing with a puppy next to a giant red abstract sculpture, a thing of wavy lines and false stairstepped edges. A middle-aged woman, born in the same state I was, trying to figure out a place to spend the night off the sidewalks. Beautiful giant buildings covered in relected glass clouds and sky. What goes on inside those buildings, all those people at desks, on the phone. What would happen if they just stopped, left the buildings, walked in the sunlight of an evening.


Blogger Christy and Wendi said...

Nice photos... They all have such rich colors. I also really like your up close glass blowing photo. -Wendi

7:24 PM  
Blogger Kris said...

the mood is very spanish!

12:25 AM  
Blogger Meg Nakagawa said...

Is this a prison of some sort?

11:43 PM  
Blogger Nathalie said...

Two stunning photos of the very odd world indeed we live in.

1:32 AM  
Blogger Louz said...

Thanks guys! There will be more photos of the glassblowers...I am fascinated that you say it looks Spanish. When you really look at city architecture anywhere in the world, its remarkable in any city how many outside influences come into play...Not a prison, there is razor wire fencing all over downtown. Sometime I'll have to put up a photo of the local prison...It is an odd world Nathalie. I have not been a lover of cities but I'm getting oddly intrigued by downtown Tucson.

11:15 AM  

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