Sunday, June 18, 2006

Second Owl's Club

The Owl's Club (Order of Owls) was a Gentleman's Club founded around 1898 by 13 bachelors. It may have been related to this group. By 1902 the club needed larger quarters and this photo is of that building, designed by architect Henry Trost. The facade contains references to Spanish mission facades and local flora and fauna (I can see a saguaro, a millipede and a horned lizard).

In 1902, Tucson's had dirt streets, public transportation was mule drawn carts and the town was being promoted as a "lungers paradise", the dry climate being considered theraputic for tuberculosis patients.

You can buy this mansion in Bisbee, also designed by Henry Trost, for only $2 million dollars.


Blogger Louise said...

Nice photo! And thanks for the real estate tip- looked to buy the house at Bisbee, but not enough space for the yacht. (I wish!)

12:55 AM  
Blogger Louz said...

Think of all the uses you could find for 48 rooms. Such a deal! Thanks for the visit, Louise.

6:21 AM  

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