Monday, May 29, 2006

No Mas Muertes

I like how colorful this house is. The landscaping is typical - no lawn, just dirt or rocks, some form of desert landscaping. The sign refers to illegal immigration from Mexico, an issue which is complicated and political and emotionally charged. The small print says: No More Deaths, No Mas Muertes


Blogger Mark said...

I love this type of garden, easy maintenance, perfect.
Do you mean to tell us they shoot illegal immigrants?

4:33 AM  
Blogger Louz said...

Humanitarian groups like No More Deaths came about because people were coming in through the desert in southern Arizona and there were many deaths, mostly of dehydration. It gets very hot, especially in the summer, its mostly uninhabited open desert and its rough country with very little water. The Immigration Service that polices the border will help people who get into trouble but their thing is really stopping people crossing the border, catching them if they do and going after drug trafficers who also cross. They've been accused of shooting migrants but in fairness to them its not typical of how they operate. There's a whole very heated debate in the US now about the immigration question but I think the point of the sign in the photo is that if people do cross the border, whether they should be or not, it is right to offer them whatever help we can. They shouldn't have to die out there.

Sorry for being so long. Louz

8:41 PM  

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